Tetris in Haskell with Netwire and GLFW

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A few weeks ago, I found myself on a ten hour plane journey, with nothing much to do1. What better time, I thought to myself, than to hone my programming skills on a quick project? Why not a Tetris clone in Haskell? The fact that I was offline and so had no access to documentation only added to the challenge. I slid my laptop out of my bag, and got to work.

I had been working on a project involving GLFW and Netwire2 for a little time before my holiday, so these were the natural choices for the clone.

About halfway through the flight, things were hitting a crescendo. I’d just hit a conceptional FRP breakthrough, and was ready to implement it, when – I run out of battery.

So, I wasn’t able to finish it on that flight. But I was able to get it done on the way back! Take a look at the code here. I will warn you that because I was under a time limit it isn’t especially tidy. However I think it demonstrates enough FRP concepts to be useful as a reference.

Additionally, don’t expect this to be a fully featured clone. There is only one level, no score is counted, controls don’t exactly feel right, etc.

I’ve decided that I’m going to make this a regular thing for when I’m on a long flight or something similar. Perhaps next I’ll make a Space Invaders clone, and maybe in one journey.

  1. Excluding reading, listening to music, watching movies, playing games, doing work, eating snacks or going to sleep. But other than that, nothing.

  2. Chosen after a laborious trial of many different FRP libraries – and yet now I don’t think I could give the exact reasons why

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